Real Estate in Oregon and the Portland Metro with Kathryn King, Realtor and Broker

Even heaven knows mortgage rates are bumping and jerking. Mortgage rates can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own your dream home today. Are you thinking of buying or selling a home?

Life can sometimes be very frustrating when it comes to selling or buying a home or an investment property. If you live in the Portland Oregon Metro area and its surrounding communities, please don’t despair, KJK Properties is the solution you seek.  Are you in need of an experienced real estate and home sale broker to help you buy your dream home?  Are you a landlord that wants to rent or sell your property in and around Oregon? Do you need a professional opinion on how to manage your wealth as a property owner? Are you interested in renting an apartment? If this sounds like you, all you need is KJK Properties and Kathryn King.

Kathryn King knows the nook and crannies of Oregon so if you are thinking of selling or buying a home, just get in touch with her. A good and reliable real estate Realtor is one with negotiation skills to ensure clients get the best price and terms. When your desire is to buy or sell a property, Kathryn King is your Realtor and your real estate advocate and mentor. 

Never take the risk of selling, buying, and renting your real estate, homes, apartments or rental houses without a top rated Realtor. KJK Properties also gives referrals to trustworthy insurance brokers that will help you.  When mortgage comes to play, there is always the need to ensure that security for the long term is also not compromised and Kathryn’s trusted network of professional gives you that security.

Are you wondering what sets KJK Properties and Kathryn King apart? With an astonishing track-record of over 420 real estate sales and ownership of 10 properties, I guess even an infant baby on the lap of her mamma could recommend such a company to everyone in need if they could just speak.

Selling homes in Beaverton, Portland, Clackamas, Irvington, Woodstock, Belmont, Brooklyn, Sunnyside, Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Tigard, etc. can sometimes be very expensive and stressful without the advice and auspices of a good Realtor.  The same applies to the maintenance of a rental real estate without the guidance of Kathryn King and her team at KJK Properties.

Many have being left stranded when a sale fails and unhappy about their terms of sale when buying or selling a property due to misinformation, lack of knowledge, and lack of professional follow up. KJK Properties has the resume and acumen to take the lead for you and with you.

Remember, you don’t need all the money In the world to own your dream home. All you need is to contact Realtor Kathryn King and KJK Properties either via email or telephone to schedule an appointment.

You and your housing needs deserve nothing but the best so do contact KJK Properties because your dream has to come home, where it belongs.