A personal touch and unique marketing savvy that’s rarely beaten

F ounded in 2002 by Kathryn King, KJK Properties, P.C. was created to be innovative, nimble, and in-tune to customers and the rental market in real-time. Innovative in that KJK Properties, P.C. is a thriving business that is always seeking the advantage for our customer. KJK Properties, P.C. does a personalized assessment of your property’s rental potential and find that proper preparation and pricing are key to effective rental management.

We have a network of solid and professional vendors to prepare your house for market in short order, putting their expertise to work for you. If you like, we will also use your preferred licensed and insured vendors. When leasing real estate, KJK Properties, P.C.’s unparalleled service puts the financial and investment tools in your hands to make sound decisions. Choosing Kathryn’s over two decades of experience to work for you is a wise choice.

The nimbleness at KJK Properties, P.C. cannot be duplicated by larger and more rigid firms. The KJK Properties, P.C. team can pivot directions with buyers and sellers in a moment’s notice. The rental market and inventory changes by the day and minute. You need someone innovative and savvy enough to advertise correctly and avoid pitfalls and time-wasting inquiries so you can maximize the market during the leasing season and achieve your financial dreams.

We are in-tune to market conditions at hand in the Portland Metro area. We are also committed to communication with you. Communication is a joint task, but we will always be forthright and honest with you. We love sharing the good news with you, but occasionally there will be bad news to communicate. With that unwanted news, we will bring our honesty and commitment to seize the next golden opportunity. Understanding Real Estate is our business. Let us walk you through each step of the process.

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