Kathryn King – Principal/Designated Broker

About Kathryn King, Realtor & Landlord Study Hall Sponsor, Oregon & Washington


Kathryn King – Principal Broker & Owner
Licensed Broker in the State of Oregon and Washington

Office: 503.772.8825
Cell: 503.997.9035
Fax: 503.772.0351
Email: kathryn@kjkproperties.com
Efax: 425-955-9035

Business Hours:
10am to 6pm Weekdays
(Evenings or Sundays by appointment)



Kathy started in real estate buying her first rental property while still in college, the year was 1997. It wasn’t long after, in 1998, she realized a personal goal by joining a well-established real estate company as a broker. Learning the business of real estate on the inside of a respected brokerage inspired her to start her own realty company KJK Properties, in 2002.

Now 340+ real estate sales and ownership of 10 properties later, Kathryn has helped a multitude of people realize their financial potential with the purchase of their first house or rental unit. Kathryn’s professional and personal interests shape her skills and ability to relate to a wide-range of home ownership perspectives. Having two young children, Kathy understands the security and long-term vision young couples want. As a dog and cat lover, Kathy knows animal lovers love walkable neighborhoods and can guide you to suitable areas for those twice- a-day walks with Fido. Being a former chairwoman of the Woodstock Neighborhood Association, Kathryn identifies with those who long for a sense-of-place, or wish to give something back to their community. Real life experiences shape who we are, and Kathryn has a deep pool of them to draw upon and learn from.

Kathryn employs the professional knowledge, business experience, communication skills, and personality to work with buyers and sellers of real estate. Degrees in Psychology and Communications from Portland State are utilized when learning a home buyer’s priorities, negotiating the sale of commercial property, or educating attendees to speaking engagements.

Continually learning and teaching others is a passion for Kathryn. She founded Landlord Study Hall, a monthly forum where current and future landlords learn about the responsibilities of managing property and tenants, and receive the tools to succeed from professionals of property management, law, government, and non-profit housing associations like Multifamily

NW. Working on state committees and preparing for speaking engagements also sharpen the saw so clients can rely on Kathryn’s deep pool of real estate knowledge.

Mrs. King would be happy to discuss real estate goals with you or your next investors meeting, community gathering, or family wealth planning. Kathy can speak to the following topics, among others:

  • Wealth Management Plans for Property Owners
  • Deciding whether Commercial or Residential Real Estate has the Best Returns
  • Tax Planning for Property Owners
  • Landlord –Tenant Relations
  • Buying and Selling a Home
  • Building a Real Estate Portfolio
  • Working within the Permit Framework of the City of Portland
  • Growth Expectations for the Portland Metro Area
  • Choosing and Developing Rental Property Forms
  • Screening Potential tenants
  • Cash Flow vs. Appreciation Models of Investing

    And if you want to know how to make kombucha, she’d be more than happy to educate you on that topic too