Kathryn King


pic-kjkAbout Kathryn King, Realtor & Landlord Study Hall Sponsor, Oregon & Washington

Kathryn King holds a bachelor degree in both Communications and Psychology from Portland State University. She has been in business since 1998, and she is a full service listing and selling Realtor. KJK Properties has been at their current location for 1 year. She has advanced expertise in buying and selling homes, being a landlord, landlord tenant law, and the building of solid real estate portfolios. This depth of knowledge makes the ordinary buyer or seller feel especially comfortable, as Kathryn has worked at length with the city of Portland on projects that required involvement of permits and planning, and she keeps abreast of where PDC dollars are being spent in the community. KJK Properties is especially acute in limiting the liability that their clientele is exposed to. Kathryn currently owns 7 houses & duplexes in the Portland metro area and is actively building her portfolio at this time. Her company hosts the popular “Landlord Study Hall,” a community forum that helps landlords be more effective and lawful. The group has a loyal and growing following; a great way that Kathryn has given back to the community by improving the livability standards for renters, and the landlording experience for owners.

Kathryn is available to speak to groups of 10 or more on various real estate topics. Potential talks can include the following:

  • Exit strategies
  • Wealth Management Plans for Property Owners
  • Commercial Real Estate vs. Residential Real Estate, and which is the best for profit
  • Cash flow vs. appreciation models of investing
  • Tax planning for property owners
  • landlord / tenant relations
  • being a landlord
  • forms
  • screening
  • Buying/selling a home
  • Building a real estate portfolio
  • Working within the permit framework at the City of Portland
  • Growth expectations in the Portland metro area
  • Area and/or neighborhood statistics

The range of topics is flexible according to the needs of any audience. Please contact Kathryn directly for a professional Vitae at 503-997-9035.

Office: 503.772.8825
Cell: 503.997.9035
Fax: 503.772.0351
Email: kathryn@kjkproperties.com

Business Hours:
10am to 6pm Weekdays
(Evenings or Sunday by appointment)