Landlord Study Hall

Multifamily Northwest

Landlord Study Hall
503-213-1281  Attn: Jonathan Clay

Sponsored by:
Warren Allen LLP
Multifamily NW
KJK Properties, P.C. and Kathryn King

Welcome to Landlord Study Hall, a free monthly meeting for landlords. Come protect your investment. Meetings are open to unlicensed individuals of the community at no cost.


Mission Statement

Our goal at Landlord Study Hall is to empower owners of residential and multifamily homes; providing education and information, allowing us to develop a lifetime relationship with the attendees, and to assist them with their residential and rental real estate transactions. Where to go when you need to know… Anything about owning real estate!

Why Attend Landlord Study Hall?

  • Interview Lenders, Realtor, Landlord, Atty.
  • Swap Ideas With Other Owners
  • Get To Know Other Landlords
  • Present Problems
  • Find Service Providers
  • Pose Questions to the Group
  • Access Resources@Resource Table
  • Get Market Updates
  • Get Property Values
  • Get To Know Other Landlords
  • Get Loan Quotes
  • Stay Current w/ Landlord Tenant Law
  • Listen for Solutions

Landlord Study Hall 2014-15 Calendar

  • December Winter break
  • January 2015 – Show me the Money – Establish market rents, rising to market strategies, base charge lists, Non-Compliance Fees, large deposit strategies, Recordkeeping Responsibilities for Landlords.
  • FebruarySection 8 Vouchers – Advertising regulations, Source of Income Protection, Know Your Rental Criteria, Paperwork/Communication with Housing Authority, Deposit Fund, and Defending Rent Amount

Download the 2014 Landlord Study Hall Calendar (pdf)

Landlord Study Hall is a free monthly forum for rental property owners to learn more about landlord tenant law, protecting their assets, creating safer neighborhoods, announcing vacancies and networking. Sponsored by Kathryn King, Principal Broker, of KJK Properties, and Jeffrey Bennett, Attorney, of Warren Allen LLP. For additional information, changes, or to RSVP to attend please call 503-997-9035 or 503-255-8795 . You can also contact us by email